June 19, 2010

Right Out of the Blue

This painting was inspired by a scene on the Hoover Dam. The distinct shapes along with the retro look of the intake towers rising out of Lake Mead provide a visual treat. The emphasis of contrasting color, shadow and light enhance the overall atmosphere of the cool water under the hot desert sun.

This is an oil painting on a 12" by 24" stretched canvas.  No longer Available


  1. This is a very, very special artwork. It send you, when you look at her, bit to Vasili Kandisnky, bit of Paul Klee... All the time i simply know it that you are a piece of gold with your talent...Im so very happy that you follow your bliss-)))
    Keep working in this direction!!!

  2. This is a very. very interesting artwork. When you look at her it send you bit of Vasili Knadinsky, bit to Paul Klee.. I know it all the time that you are a piece of gold -better a platinum-)) in art wiht your talent-)) Keep going like that. Follow your bliss-))


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