February 26, 2012

Down River

With this painting from a scene on the Sooke River, I wanted to capture the beauty and magic of looking down river as the stream seems to disappear into mist and light around the bend. I wanted to share with the viewer the beauty a river's ever changing mood and how it touches our emotions.

This is an oil painting on a 9" by 12" canvas board.  No longer Available

February 15, 2012

Windswept Evergreens on Whiffin Spit

This painting was originally created as a plein aire one November day on Whiffin Spit. Since then I created this studio version of the same scene. I wanted to capture and share with the viewer, the raw changing features of a November day on the west coast. The weak sunlight from the south west contrasting with the dark clouds seems to add to the drama of the perpetually wind bent trees.

This is a 9" by 12" oil painting on canvas. No longer Available

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