March 18, 2019

Winter Light

This small painting was inspired by a winter scene near the mouth of Ayum Creek overlooking an old saw mill site in the distance. In the foreground is an old log pond.
This is a 6"x8" oil painting on birch panel.   Not available.

August 7, 2018

Under a Full Moon at Dusk

This is a new painting I just completed after leaving off of it over a year ago because of poor health. It is a scene near the mouth of the Oyster River, just south of Campbell River. At dusk, in the east a full moon was rising while in the west the last light of the day was quickly fading from the sky. I tried to capture that special light on the driftwood.. It is a 9"x9" oil painting on birch panel. It is called, "Under a Full Moon at Dusk." Available

July 31, 2018

From Russia with Love

This new oil painting of a scene from Russia is inspired and based on a lovely photo shared by Irina Dubrovskaja, a musician and artist from Russia. I felt this composition had a beautiful classical feel to it and I wanted to capture it's essence.
It is a 11" x 14" oil painting on linen and birch panel. Not Available at this Time

May 4, 2018

On the Shoreline of Tranquility

This painting was inspired by a beautiful scene along the sea shore near Yellow Point on Vancouver Island. The rocky shoreline interspersed with layers of crushed barnacle shells transitioning into and below the mirror like surface of the sea under the evening pink sky suggested a very surreal and tranquil scene. This is a 11" x 14" acrylic painting on canvas board.  Available

April 15, 2018

Break in the Weather

This painting is inspired by a scene during a visit to Yellow Point.  The rain suddenly lifted, the clouds started to break up and the sunlight poured down on this tranquil seashore scene.
This is a 12" by 24" acrylic painting on birch wood panel. No longer Available.

July 30, 2017

Along the River

This painting was inspired by a stand of alders along the Sooke River near Crescent Beach.  This subject lent itself to more abstraction because of the overwhelming amount of detail in the trees.  It is a 12" x 24" oil painting on birch panel. Available

April 30, 2017

Along the Path, Yellow Point

This oil painting was inspired by this beautiful sun lite and shadow scene along the path at Yellow Point.  This is a 9"x12" oil painting on birch panel.  Available